Featured Project

Retrados do Fim da Linha is a photobiographic project about factory squats in the city of Rio de Janeiro. The photographer Pierre Vicarini followed the humanitarian psychologist Douglas Khayat through his research on habitat conditions in the slums of the north bound of the city.

It was though, it was rough, but the people they have interviewed - so called inhabitants - accepted to testify about their life conditions. Thanks to them, Pierre and Douglas were able to raise awareness on social housing matters in the slums of Jacaré and Jacarézinho. The project has reached out to hundreds of people in more than 50 countries through the blog that was created by the duo in 2013.

Some factories they have entered do not exist anymore, faces on this book may already be gone for good... Until today, no such project has been done in the area, making it a unique documentary.

We couldn't be more proud to be a part of it, bringing awareness and raising funds to the International Committee of the Red Cross to support their projects better life in the slums. 

The book will be available for shipping as of December 2020.